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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 15:46

Giant colourful letters have been appearing in 19 cities across the world, from London to Sao Paolo, each letter brightly decorated and representing one of Ecuador’s many attractions. Put together, the letters spell out the phrase ‘All You Need is Ecuador’ – Ecuador’s new slogan and biggest tourism campaign to date.

E-in-LondonEach letter also displays a website address, a quick response code (QR) and a hashtag, encouraging the general public to find out more about what these attractive and mysterious letters represent.

A place to be at one with nature, have fun and enjoy, make memories, share special times with friends and family, escape from life’s routine, be inspired to discover new things, all you need is Ecuador - these are some of the messages that the campaign is conveying.

With some of the highest active volcanoes in the world, huge areas of mega-biodiversity including the rainforests of the Amazon, the unique Galapagos Islands along with a pristine Pacific coast line, Ecuador’s distinctiveness is unparalleled.

This global publicity launch has also been accompanied by a strong on-line campaign. The official website address is, Facebook is and Twitter is

Find a giant letter near you:

A is in Paris, France in the Gare de Leon Train Station, decorated with images of Toquilla straw used to make Panama hats, which are actually from Ecuador (not Panama)

L is in Madrid, Spain in the main Atocha Railway Station, decorated with images of colourful masks used in traditional Ecuadorian festivals

L is in Sao Paolo, Brazil in the Morumbi Shopping Centre, decorated with a snow-capped volcano from the Ecuadorian Andes

Y is in Bogota, Colombia in El Virrey Park, decorated with baroque art representing the elaborate colonial churches of Quito and Cuenca

O is in New York, USA in the Gasenvoort Plaza, decorated with images of cocoa beans representing Ecuador’s gourmet chocolate industry

U is in Santiago, Chile in the Parque Arauco Boulevard, decorated with bright and fine textiles produced by Ecuador’s Andean indigenous groups

N is in Berlin, Germany in the Sony Centre, decorated with an image of one of Ecuador’s newly renovated and picturesque railway line routes.

E is in London, UK in Victoria Station, decorated with images of the diverse and colourful birds of Ecuador. The country is home to over 1630 species.

E is in Lima, Peru in Salazar Park – Larcomar with images of the adventure sports that can be enjoyed in Ecuador from hiking volcanoes to rafting Amazonian rivers

D is in Mexico City, Mexico in the Paseo de la Reforma with images of the Galapagos Islands

I is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in Schiphol Airport, decorated with images of Ecuador’s orchids

S is in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Puerto Madero, decorated with images of Ecuadorian roses, classed among the best in the world

E is in Cuenca, Ecuador in Otorongo Square, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador

C is in Manta, Ecuador in Murcielago Beach, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador

U is in Loja, Ecuador in San Sebastian Square, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador

A is in Guayaquil, Ecuador in El Malecon, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador

D is in Tena, Ecuador near Misahualli, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador 

O is in Santa Cruz, Galapagos on the Pier, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador

R is in Quito, Ecuador on the Naciones Unidas Boulevard, decorated with images of the 4 regions of Ecuador

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