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What to carry in your backpack when day hiking in Ecuador?

Saturday, 28 May 2016 00:00

Emma Morgan, co-founder of Original Ecuador Walking Tours, fills us in on the essential bits and pieces that she carries in her day-pack when hiking in the Andes of Ecuador.

1. Water

It depends on how far I am hiking but I normally like to have a couple of litres of water with me before I set off, in refillable bottles of course. Having water-purifying tablets on hand just in case is always a good idea.

2. Waterproofs

I never head into the Andes without my trusty Gortex jacket. It’s good news if it is packed away in my backpack at the start of the hike - means that the morning weather is promising. I normally carry light weight waterproof trousers too in case of extreme conditions.

3. Wooly hat & gloves

I like to hike in a baseball cap, great for keeping the sun out of my eyes and rain off my glasses. However I always have a wooly hat packed away (and warm gloves) for those brisk paramo climes that can sneak up on you during the day especially when you reach higher altitudes.

4. Sunscreen

This is a must! It is easy to forget that you can still get burnt when it is cloudy and raining in the Andes of Ecuador. I always reapply a few times during the hike.

5. Daypack cover

I must say my waterproof backpack cover does get pulled out more often than not when hiking in Ecuador, even if it is just a passing shower. Remember when walking in the Andes you can easily experience four seasons in one day.

6. Basic First Aid Kit

Bandages for sprains, band aids for blisters, painkillers for headaches (which can be common at high altitudes)

7. Chocolate

I mean proper dark Ecuadorian chocolate. Great as a nutritious energy boosts when on long hikes, actually great at any time of the day whether hiking or not :o) And a packed lunch of course.

8. Tissues

Biting Andean winds = runny noses.

9. My iPhone

I know…. however it’s perfect for taking great photos, short videos and important to have on hand in case of emergency.

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